Honorable Mention at The Motherhood Muse

I entered a 100 words or less contest at the "Motherhood Muse" and received an Honorable Mention.  I thought I would share my entry with you.

By Kathleen Gilbert

Reginald Davis was a prick. That’s what his widow Marge told everyone at the senior center as they prepared  for the Christmas bazaar. She’d saved drawers full of his things, items she wouldn’t dispose of, not because she was sentimental, but because she didn't believe in throwing away good stuff.

Fussing with each item, she positioned Reginald's personal effects neatly on the table. "Presentation is everything,” his voice resounded in her head.

Marge began walking away, hesitating; she turned, and disheveled the flawless table.

Feeling younger than she had in years, she scurried down the hall to play BINGO.

I Love My Book Club And My Fancy Broomstick

Yes, I'm dressed as a witch on a broomstick... No, I don't usually dress this way. The theme of the book club is magic and witches.  I am having fun with this one.


I loved this magical trilogy.  Three sisters, all witches, they are beautiful and enchanting.

I absolutely adore my book club.  We have been meeting once every other month now for about ten years.  There are eleven of us, all women, all friends.  We've read many wonderful books, eaten many amazing meals, and talked for hours about our favorite characters.

We've held meetings in a limo on the way to New York City to see "Wicked" on Broadway.  We've read books about vineyards and held our meeting in the middle of a beautiful vineyard in Rhode Island.  We went on a tour of the vineyard, learned about grapes, and sampled many bottles of wine. 

When we read "Sea Glass" we enjoyed a gourmet picnic by the ocean.  That is a memory that will stay with me forever.

And so, I bought a fancy broomstick for Nora Roberts' witches, and my dear friends in the book club.

Editor Unleashed "Why I Write" Essay Competition

"I Walk With Witches"

I entered the Editor Unleashed "Why I Write" essay competition.  My entry is titled "I Walk With Witches."  I haven't written an essay in many years, probably not since my school days.  It was a lot of fun.  The winner will get $500.00 and the top fifty entries will be published at Smashwords.

Editor Unleashed is a great site for writers.  I would like to thank the editor, Maria Schneider for putting the contest together. If you want to read some great essays, click the View Essays link below.

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What's Planted In Your Garden?

by Kathleen Gilbert

Margaret's first husband Donald is buried out back under the Lilacs.

Her second husband John resides with pride under the Forsythia.

Husbands three and four occupy the spot under the Roses. They are lucky to have claimed the place in the garden that gets the most sunlight.

Husband five is out shopping for a new Hydrangea with his blushing bride. Margaret does have a weakness for flowers and men.